Monday, March 04, 2013

Cosmetics and Cars

On Saturday, Larry and I went on a field trip out to the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar.  Merle Nethercutt Norman was the founder of this collection, funded by her success in the cosmetics business.  Her nephew took over the business and collection upon Merle's death.
WOW!  What an amazing collection of old stuff.  There are vintage autos, Hummel figurines, dishes, jewelry, dolls, cylinder and disc music boxes, old-time Nickolodeons and other music making pieces, the Mighty Wurlitzer organ and more!  

The "Collection" is housed in a huge boxy building next to a Merle Norman Cosmetics outlet store.  Across the street is the newer Museum building.  I'd been to the Collection about 35 years ago.  Reservations are needed for the tour of the Collection.  Anyone can visit the Museum, anytime during business hours.
On the top level of the "Collection" there's a music room.  We were given a lovely concert by the various music-making instruments.  All in all, it was an over-the-top and fascinating visit!
Custom Brass Doors on Nethercutt Collection Building

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