Tuesday, October 08, 2013

License to Snap

I just love it when my friends send me vanity license plates they've snapped.  Julie came up with two fantastic ones this week.  Julie lives in Tarzana, so I'm assuming that both of these plates were spotted in the Valley (an area where much Yiddish is spoken).  Thanks, Julie!
How many zuzim or shekels did this car cost?!?

The "FAMILY" Lexus

I snapped a few good ones this week too.  Now that the days are shorter, my evening commute is a darker ride, so I haven't been able to see the license plates as well.  I might just need a night-vision attachment for my iPhone!
IMDB is the Internet Movie Data Base.  SOOOO Hollywood!

My friend, Esther's adorable smart Car.  Yeah, She's  Laker fan!


UCLA fan from Virginia

If you AIM UP, you'll receive a Mercedes Benz

Have you spied any good vanity plates lately?

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