Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seen Near 7th & Alvarado, L.A.

Last week, Larry and I had a delicious pastrami sandwich at Langer's Deli, near MacArthur Park.  Instead of taking yet another photo of our yummy food and the interior of the deli, I snapped a few shots outside and in nearby shop windows.
Building Detail

Beer Can Man

While we were eating our sandwich, I saw this woman march to the back of the restaurant.  After awhile, she emerged and walked to the front with an unmistakeable gait.  I assume she visited the ladies room.  When she passed by our booth, I looked into her eyes and grinned.  She winked at me.  I recognized PAM GRIER!  You cannot miss her distinctive walk, plus she's gorgeous.  Check out the Pam Grier "walk" at about 1:44 in this video.   Once we were outside, we crossed the street and looked back at Langer's.  There was a line outside to gain entry.  Pam was in the line, reading a magazine.  I kinneared  this faraway shot of her.  What a star!  I love that she was waiting in line at Langer's for lunch!
Pam Grier, waiting in line at Langer's Deli

It was a memorable afternoon with lots of interesting sights!

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