Thursday, July 10, 2014

License to Snap

Thanks once again to my reporters in the field, Brenda and Leah for snapping such great vanity license plates.  I snapped a couple of these too!

Read the meaning of the open hand, Hamseh here.  There's Brenda's reflection in this snazzy car!

A Cute Italian Car with an Italian Name!  Thanks, Leah!

Brenda spotted this sign Hahahaha!

Really?  A Honda Element is a Reckless Ride?  If anything, it might tip over 'cause it's so boxy!
This guy must be sending ME a direct message!

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At 9:19 PM PDT, Blogger simplygailc said...

Luigi is the name of the 1959 Fiat in the wonderful Pixar film Cars.


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