Thursday, July 03, 2014

#TBT, 4th of July Edition

#TBT is a thing.  It's "Throw-Back Thursday."  On the FaceSpace, this means that everyone posts old photos of themselves.  I do love going through the photo archives of the Los Angeles Public Library.  There are some perfect examples for #TBT on the LAPL site, like this one, below!

Valley Times Collection, LAPL, July 3, 1959

The caption for this photograph reads, "Miss Hawaii and Miss Alaska for 1959's Miss America  Contest, try out a star pattern for the new states on a conventional 48 state star flag.  The girls will represent the new states in a patriotic tableau during the Pasadena fireman's 33rd annual Fourth of July Rose Bowl circus and fireworks display."

I remember when Hawaii and Alaska became official states.  There were luaus and baked Alaska parties all over town.  My folks had an indoor luau.  Everyone wore Hawaiian garb.  My Dad built a low dining room table with big cushions all around it for this special feast.  
I think that the perfect tribute treat would be a pineapple shaved ice snow cone. Pineapple for Hawaii and Snow for Alaska!  Have a wonderful celebration! 

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