Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Orange Cheese

'Tis the Season!  It's all about artery-clogging food this time of year.  Just before Thanksgiving, Larry and I were cruising around the Del Rey, S/W Culver City area.  It was lunch time.  We decided to stop in at Paco's Tacos.  
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Paco's is old-school, Los Angeles-style Mexican food with lots of orange cheese.  Yum.  Before REAL Mexican food showed up in L.A., using fresh ingredients, lots of lime and not-so-much lard, this was the standard.  Many of these restaurants still exist in L.A. with a few tweaks to their menus to show the public that they are "modern."  Old favorites like El Coyote, El Cholo and Paco's Tacos, to name a few, have been around for decades.  All of these restaurants also have a unique decor credo:  More is Better.  There is stuff hanging from the walls, the ceiling and any other post or beam that can possibly have decorative objects hanging from it.
Larry ordered a chicken burrito.  I ordered a chile relleno with rice and beans.  Notice that I did not take photos of the food.  You KNOW what the food looks like here.  Check Paco's website for the menu.  Everything was delicious, if not exactly healthful.  There is a lady near the grill at the entrance patting out fresh corn tortillas.  They are sublime.
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I don't care.  I LOVE this place.  Reserve my plot at Hillside now.

Cool Mid-Century Tile Work on the Building Next Door

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At 2:37 AM PST, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

I grew up going to El Coyote and a few times to El Chollo. I absolutely love El Coyote. Gilbert's on Pico Blvd in Santa Monica is also really great.


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