Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday in Las Vegas

Wow!  We had quite a day today with our friends, Jaquie and Bob.  After a quick breakfast we drove over to Wax Traxx, vintage record shop.  This place is THE place for vintage vinyl in Las Vegas.  The selection is incredible!
Jacquie at Wax Traxx

This is where Elvis has been hanging out for the past few years.  Happy Birthday, Big E!

The Pinball Museum was calling our names, so we found it, played some vintage pinball games and took lots of photos.  If you're a pinball fan, this place is extremely cool.  Most of the games are still 25 cents to play! 

We went to the Polaroid Museum near the Linq Hotel after Was Traxx.  We were surprised at the coolness of this Museum!  It tells the history of the Polaroid Land Camera from beginning to end.  Polaroid has some cool digital cameras available now, including a darling mini cam!

We had a quick lunch, then the dare-devils, Larry and Jacquie went for a ride on the High-Roller while Bob and I cruised the Mall!
The High-Roller

High-Roller Pod

Phew!  I'm exhausted!  Time to rest and rejuvenate before tomorrow's field trips!  Thank you, Jacquie and Bob for chauffeuring us around beautiful Las Vegas!

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