Thursday, March 12, 2015

Riot O' Color

I've been trying to use up my Noro sock yarn stash. I had various projects started with different skeins of this colorful yarn, but nothing that was working. I ripped out (or "frogged") all of those marinating projects and made one big Elise Shawl. This pattern and the very similar South Bay Shawlette are my go-to shawl patterns. I'm trying to branch out into knitted lace shawls, but when I want quick results, these are the crochet patterns I usually turn to.

There are so many bits and pieces of different skeins of yarn in this shawl, that it really is a "Riot O' Colors."  I think it's perfect for Spring!
One of my co-workers gave me this paper-weight with my name on it. I have seen many "Bloom Where you Are Planted" items in shops. It does remind me of Spring!

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