Wednesday, June 03, 2015

What's In Your Shopping Cart? PEONIES!

Summer Fridays!  Woo Hoo! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, our office closes at 3pm on Fridays. We know we're lucky. This makes my weekends MUCH better. I can take care of many errands on Friday afternoon and then dedicate my weekend to other pursuits.
Last Friday I ducked into the Trader Joe's on Burton Way and La Cienega for a bit of grocery shopping. Who do I run into? My sweet, yarny friend, Sarah
I was walking into the store, Sarah was leaving.  She immediately asked if I was going to take a photo of the contents of her shopping cart. It's a new thing for me. Sarah's cart had two bunches of beautiful peonies inside. 
Sarah's Cart with Peonies and Party Supplies

I photographed her cart, then, I made her pose like Miss America, holding a bouquet of peonies. She gave her Miss America wave and smile and took off!
How clever of me to position a flower pot on Sarah's head as a Miss America Tiara!

My first stop, inside the store: FLOWERS.  I must have peonies. They are beautiful. They are luxurious. When the peonies open up they look like flowers made from pink toilet paper, reminding me of the crafts of my youth. 

While inside the store, I spotted a few more shopping carts loaded with peonies. Gorgeous!

Peonies on our Coffee Table
Thank you for the suggestion, Sarah. Thank you for the reasonably priced peonies, Trader Joe!
Trader Joe's, Burton Way and La Cienega

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