Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Land of Enchantment

The New Mexico Trader Joe's Bag

It has been sooooo hot and humid in Los Angeles this week, that my "land of enchantment" is inside our local Trader Joe's Grocery Store. The store is air-conditioned, plays fun muzak and has interesting products.  I collect the newish State bags from Trader Joe's. So far, I have Southern California, Northern  California, Texas, Florida and now, New Mexico.
Southern California 

Northern California

I was MOST excited to receive the New Mexico ("Land of Enchantment") bag today from my bestie, Shayne!  THANK YOU, SHAYNE!  I love my new TJ bag!
Look at how many new State bags have been issued here! Wow!  I want them all, especially the bag from TJ's in North Carolina, the State where my brother and sister-in-law live (hint, hint - Chanukah is near).
Expecting this bag from my brother, Ken!

I'm also jonesin' for these adorable bags. I'll probably NEVER get to Wisconsin or Minnesota, so if any of my kind readers live near a T.J.'s in those states, let me know. I'll definitely reimburse you the cost of the bag and postage for these cuties!

Wisconsin Trader Joe's Bag - WANT!

That Blue Cow!!!

I have not seen a State of Nevada bag yet!  Jacquie? Have you seen one in Las Vegas? Let me know, please!
OK.  I'm convinced that the next driving trip Larry and I will take will be a tour of all of the Trader Joe's in the Continental United States! Some people tour historic baseball stadiums. I like grocery stores.

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At 6:34 PM PDT, Blogger joyceetta said...

That's Babe, the Blue in Paul Bunyon

At 9:02 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Joyce! That is so cool!


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