Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tile OR Crochet?

I love colorful tiles, especially our local Malibu Tile. I've made pilgrimages to the Adamson House in Malibu just to look at the same gorgeous tile over and over again. Most impressive is the Persian rug constructed out of tile, including FRINGE tiles!

Persian Rug Tiles w/ Fringe at the Adamson House, Malibu
My interest in tile has influenced my love of crochet motifs. So many crochet designs have the same elements as tile design. Also, I like to construct crochet items in a modular way, just like tile. I've come across many crochet motif patterns that echo the design elements of tile. 

Flower Granny Square

Persian Tile Blanket

Flower Tile Afghan Square

Tiled Kitchen at the Adamson House. If my kitchen looked like this, I promise I'd cook more often. Really!

Moroccan Tile Potholders
All I want to do right now (before the rush of the holidays) is sit and crochet some tile! Crocheting is a wonderful way to procrastinate. Shirking chores while creating something beautiful! Time to get out the crochet cotton and work up some Persian Tile Potholders for gifties!

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