Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On a Lighter Note

Yes, recent events in the world have been horrific. I addressed my concern and sadness for everyone in Paris yesterday. Today, I must return to our way of life to show that terrorism will not change anything. Live your life to its fullest. This is the best revenge.
What could be more normal and life-fulfilling than a sock monkey toilet paper cozy? 
Sock Monkey Toilet Paper Cozy

My yarny friend Suzette creates beautiful gifts for me. She's very talented and clever. She's made me excellent potholders, Mini-Mochi creatures, owls, cowls, mug rugs, donuts, slugs, holiday ornaments, coasters and more!

I was searching Ravelry patterns for the perfect gifty for Suzette's birthday. It must be something clever, unique and fun. I came up with a toilet paper cozy that looks like a sock monkey! The pattern that I found is called Radioactive Zombie Monkey Toilet Roll Cover

The Original Radioactive Zombie Sock Monkey

I wasn't quite ready for a zombie sock monkey, so I used traditional colors and added a pom-pom on top. I think he's very cute.  So does Suzette!

Suzette and Monkey

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