Tuesday, November 03, 2015

We Are The Underhills

Ellen and Tom Underhill
photo by Larry Underhill

A couple of months ago a friend posted my photo on Facebook, declaring that she knew ANOTHER Ellen Underhill, also married to a photographer! We connected, met and hit it off with the other Underhills, Tom and Ellen.
Last Sunday, one of Tom's cousins on the non-Underhill side of his family hosted an informal potluck brunch in our neighborhood. We were invited to attend. It was lovely. We met some more interesting people and connected through mutual interests. I may even be related to one of our hosts through my Mother's side of the family!!
A few of the Brunch Bunch
photo by Larry Underhill

Larry's parents were semi-active in the Underhill Society of America. We attended a few meetings with them years ago. These are the descendants of Captain John Underhill. More info about the Captain here. Tom and Larry are both descendants of Captain John.
One of our memorable Underhill Society vacations was in Charleston, South Carolina. This meet-up was to learn more about Ensign Samuel Underhill., a naval aviator who was killed in action during the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. The USS Underhill was named in his honor. Sadly, the USS Underhill didn't survive. It sank in July 1945.  You can see the details here
We attended a dedication on another ship with the survivors of the USS Underhill and members of the Underhill Society in 1991. Larry had naval caps made with the name of the USS Underhill on them. It was wonderful seeing everyone wearing the hats during this special dedication and subsequent dinner. 
Larry has some leftover caps. He thought it would be nice to gift them to our new Underhill "cousins!" 
Everyone looks GREAT in their commemorative caps!

Larry and Tom 
photo by Ellen Rooney Underhill

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At 1:53 PM PST, Blogger Leah said...

Illustrious family - even better that you all had a good time

At 1:56 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Oh yes! The Underhills have my family beat by 100s of years as to becoming AMERICANS!


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