Friday, March 11, 2016

Lots of Rain Equals Frizzy Hair

Bad Hair Day

Yup, it's all about me. Rain equals Frizz. Frizzy-Ellen-Hair is not happy hair. Sigh.

This is a huge event in Los Angeles! It's raining. I mean, it's REALLY raining hard. Flooding the gutters rain. Yes, Southern California needs rain, but it is so inconvenient. Naturally, it started to really come down as I was leaving the office during lunchtime to run some errands.  Driving in the rain is no picnic in Los Angeles either!  Argh! It's Friday, I'm allowed to vent and kvetch. Instead of my usual one hour it takes to drive the 8 miles from work to home tonight, I predict at least 1-1/2 hours. Ugh!

1964.  Rain and traffic through the Cahuenga Pass on the Hollywood Freeway. LAPL Photo Collection.
OK, time to put on my happy hat and just get through it. Be safe out there, my friends!

McCall's Magazine, 1943

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