Monday, February 29, 2016

Amico Art

I've known Artist, David Amico since I was 14 years old. We were campers and later counselors at Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. We stayed in touch through college, then David left L.A. for the art scene in New York. He returned around 1978 and has been a DTLA art fixture ever since. We've run into each other in Idyllwild, along with old friends, or just hanging out here in Los Angeles. Every few years David's art representative, Ace Gallery, holds an exhibition of his new work.

The Artist (right) and his admirers

We went to David's latest opening at Ace in Beverly Hills on Saturday to view the show, "Hard Places." Here is the press release for the show and a bit about David's art. We ran into many old friends from our years in Idyllwild, as well as friends in the art community here in L.A.

Ellen with Bill and Carolyn Lowman.
Artist, David Amico

Ace Gallery has two locations on Wilshire Boulevard, one on the Miracle Mile and the other in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills location at 9430 Wilshire Boulevard, just east of Beverly Drive, was once a bank. This property is being considered for re-development as the Metro stop for the Purple Line extension, now under construction further east on Wilshire's Miracle Mile. I rather love the design of this building. I don't know who the architect was, but it looks to have been built in the late 1960s. It would be wonderful if the building's current design features could be interpreted into the Metro stop, if that ever happens.

9430 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills. Does anyone know who the architect was?

Back to the art show! Most of Amico's work is rather large, oil on canvas. David's use of texture and line are most pleasing. 
It was quite a scene!
Two stylish patrons of the arts

I would love to own a painting or two of David's, except I'd probably have to sell our house to be able to afford one!  I will be content with owning my collection of original Amico Christmas block prints! 

David Amico and Ellen Bloom, Idyllwild, 1971, working on the summer ISOMATAN, photo by Jonde Northcutt

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