Monday, May 23, 2016

Serendipitous Saturday

Shop Window on Robertson Blvd., near Third St., WeHo
We usually go out to dinner on Saturday night. Last Saturday we wanted to keep it simple and just have a nice Cobb salad. Finding a place for dinner on a Saturday in Los Angeles that's not too crowded is not an easy thing to do. We ended up heading over to Jack 'n Jill's Too on Third Street, just east of Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood.  We've been to Jack 'n Jill's many times and they have a great selection of salads. We parked on Robertson, about a block south of Third.
As we were walking up the street, we saw this pop-up store with these little statues in the window. The statues looked just like regular people. The name of the Store is DOOB-licated. You can get scanned, then have a 3D printed replica of yourself made. Amazing. We walked inside and got an explanation. Wow! Check out the website. This is a very cool idea.
We continued walking toward Third St. This stretch of Robertson has lots of little restaurants and decorator shops. When we rounded the corner and peered into Jack 'n Jill's Too, there was a note that said they were closed for a private party that night. Argh! We ended up walking across the street to Cafe Angelino for a perfectly delightful Caesar salad and thin-crust pizza. I'd forgotten about this place. The food is really yummy.
As we were walking back to our car on Robertson, we saw this group of kids hanging out next to a vacant lot that was surrounded by a chain link fence. One guy was twisting balloons and attaching them to the fence. We stopped to watch. The kids were from Echo Park, all wearing black, of course. The balloon sculpture was finished off with some spray paint and we started talking to the artist and his entourage. The artist signs his works "@balloonski." They told us about a pop-up art show they were going to across the street. We joined them.  Nice kids!
@balloonski - Balloon Sculpture, Robertson Blvd., WeHo

The first floor of this gallery has some almost traditional artwork by one artist named #marketprice. The whole gallery is called Market Price. Yeah, it's a pop-up. Everything is temporary these days. 
Pop Up Gallery, 315 So. Robertson Blvd., WeHo

My favorite piece was "Killing Time," oil and acrylic on linen, 44" x 60". It's Freddy Krueger sitting in that "Nighthawks" diner that Edward Hopper made famous. Hahahaha!
"Killing Time" by #marketprice 

We ventured upstairs where all the people were. There was music blasting and lots of young people mulling about. 
The two artists featured are twin brothers. This series of paintings were all painted from screen shots of porn videos by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and more. Looked to me like the twins added a few of their own body parts to the paintings! Here's one of the less x-rated pieces:

I wish I'd gotten the name of the painters. It's an Instagram/Twitter world. Everything is spur-of-the-moment, just like our serendipitous Saturday in WeHo!

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At 8:30 PM PDT, Blogger Divya Morris said...

Theres an Instagram for "1marketprice" that may be what you are looking for. Were the upstairs artists the same as the downstairs ones?

At 10:41 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

The upstairs and downstairs artists were different. Thanks for the link!


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