Monday, October 17, 2016

Inspiration at Guild Meeting

Once a month I try to make it to the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers meeting. Sometimes, there are ukulele adventures happening at the same time and a possible conflict! In October, our meeting was switched to a Sunday due to scheduling reasons by the Joslyn Center, where are meetings are held. Win, win! I went to everything this weekend!
ESSS is really a great knit/crochet guild. We have monthly meetings, yarny challenges, classes, field trips and more. There are always refreshments at the Guild meetings. Along with the usual store-bought cookies and cakes, some members actually BAKED this month. There were home-made cookies and Jackie's delicious plum tart!
Jackie B's Plum Tart
After the meeting where we talk about old business, upcoming yarny activities and announcements, we have a "show and share" portion of our meeting. This is my favorite time. I just LOVE seeing all of the beautiful things that my yarny friends create. In addition to "show and share," I like to walk around during the break and take photos of what people are wearing. So inspirational!
Carol's Adorable Giraffe
Close-Up of Susan's Shawl
Close-Up of Kim's Shawl
Close-Up of Chinda's Sweater
Free Vintage Magazines for Everyone
This month we had a class after the meeting about joining yarn ends. One of our members, Laura, did a great job showing us various methods so that we wouldn't have any bumps in our knitted garments!
"Methods of Joining Yarn" with Laura
Everyone was enthralled. I love the looks on Sarah and Lenora!
On the way home, I spotted this great vanity license plate. Very appropriate to the knitty day that I had!
My kind of jam! Knitting and PURLING!

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At 3:14 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia Edie said...

Great Post, Ellen!! The plum tart was devine!!

At 3:15 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Patricia! It was a good meeting. Jackie's tart was so tasty!


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