Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Backyard Folk Art Extravaganza

On our trip home from the desert a couple of weeks ago we stopped for lunch at Tio's Tacos in Riverside. I'd heard about this place for the great food as well as for the folk art explosion in the courtyard surrounding the restaurant.
Yes, lunch was delicious, but the art surrounding the building is amazing. We were so blown away by all of the stuff around us, that I forgot to photograph the food. I had a taco plate and Larry had a fish dish. Both were yummy. 
Gigantic figures made from aluminum cans, chicken wire and found objects

The art in the patios and in the surrounding compound is a collection of trash made into treasure! Very clever figures using aluminum cans contained by chicken wire, old masks, all kinds of discarded items, paint, mosaic and ingenuity! I'm glad it was a Monday and not too crowded, so we could really walk around after we ate to admire the artwork. 
The Muffler Man Jam Band
Another building in the compound. My friend Anna tells me that she used to live here! 
A bike, embedded into the mosaic walkway

I can't wait to visit Tio's Tacos again! It's in downtown Riverside, very close to the Mission Inn. This would make a great weekend adventure!

Hey, Larry! In your retirement, how about creating something like this for OUR BACKYARD?!!

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