Thursday, July 05, 2018

Mid-Week Holiday

It was very strange celebrating the 4th of July on a Wednesday! I had to go to work the 2 days before and the 2 days after. It was a week of Mondays! Next year, the 4th is on a Thursday. Hopefully, we will get to take Friday the 5th off from work.
Margina's and Gary's front yard decorations

Our friends, the Sissons, have been having a pre-4th of July party for the past few years. This year, because of the mid-week holiday, they invited us over to their home in Torrance on the Saturday before the 4th. We had a June 30th Independence Day celebration! It was fun!
Margina goes all out on the decorations

Margina and Gary are the BEST hosts. This year it was a potluck, but they served up hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings, including beverages. People offered their specialties too. Their house and yard are always decorated beautifully. They also hired the Trackless Train so we could go on little rides around the neighborhood. I LOVE the choo choo!
Nancy and I went for a ride around the neighborhood!
We saw lots of old friends, ate some great food and generally had a marvelous time. Gary's birthday was a few months ago. Larry and I gifted him with his own Waterman ukulele. We forgot that Gary played left-handed. We should have re-strung the uke for him. Needless to say, the man has been too busy to do this. I played a ditty and we all sang along. I really like that Kala Waterman uke!
Ellen and Gary serenade the crowd

Greg & Nancy. Margina & Gary. Ellen & Larry

On the actual 4th of July we headed out to Studio City to the home of our long-time friends, Maggie and Bill Lynch. They live on a hill overlooking Universal Studios and the rest of the Valley. It was a clear and warm day. This party was also a potluck. Many people brought lots of amazing food and desserts.
This was early, before the table filled up with yummy treats

The view from Maggie's and Bill's backyard is epic!
We saw many old friends....some we hadn't seen in 30 years! What fun!
Jan, Jodi, Ron, Gayle
Mike, Claire, Tom
Mike and Larry with Cheryl in the background
Just after sunset, fireworks started erupting across the Valley

Thank you to all of our hosts, hostesses and friends for making our celebration a memorable one! Now, it's on to the weekend!

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