Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LA Historic Home Tour

"Walking Tour" Mixed Media on Canvas, 18" x 18"
On Sunday, April 30th the Los Angeles Conservancy is holding a historic home tour called "At Home With History: Exploring Los Angeles' Historic Preservation Overlay Zones." I'm happy and proud to say that my artwork will be displayed at one of the historic home sites.
I'm working on an ongoing series that I call "To Protect and Preserve - The Historic Zones of Los Angeles." This group of paintings of various architectural styles, are in a semi-abstract style utilizing multiple transparent veils of paint through which collaged images or words appear and disappear. About a dozen of these pieces will be on view at the Whitley Heights location. I'm really looking forward to being at this location. It's SOOOO Hollywood and SOOOOO historical! Rudolph Valentino lived here, as well as Maurice Chevalier, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Marion Davies, Ethel Barrymore, Carole Lombard, W.C. Fields, Zsa Zsa Gabor and many others. Nestled in hills covered in towering eucalyptus, palm trees and colorful bougainvillea, Whitley Heights was built in the 1920s as part of a grand scheme by visionary developer Hobart Whitley to create an Italian Hill Village.
In order to see the mini-art show, you have to book the tour with the LAC. The Los Angeles Conservancy's description: "An HPOZ is a City-designated historic district composed of a group of buildings (either an entire neighborhood or part of a neighborhood) which are related to one another historically, architecturally and/or culturally."
There will be a tour home in each of five neighborhoods: Lincoln Heights (just north of downtown LA), Pico-Union (Mid-City LA), Van Nuys (the first HPOZ in the SF Valley), Whitley Heights (near the Hollywood Bowl) and Windsor Square (where Mayor Tony V. lives). The docent tours are always fact-filled and informative. It should be a great day in Los Angeles!
"Angelino Heights" Mixed Media on Canvas, 16 x 24



At 9:32 AM PDT, Blogger Annika said...

Thanks for posting this! I wrote about it on as well. One of these days I will go on a historic tour.

At 4:39 PM PDT, Blogger Bri Ana said...

I love the LA Concervancy and Last Remaining Seats is probably one of my favorite events every summer (cooler that CineSpia at the Cemetarty - really!). AND Angelino Heights is my FAVORITE neighborhood - I was driving past it leaving the dodgers game on Monday night, thinking (as I often do) that if it was remotley accessable or close to anything in my life I would move there instantly. But, it's not.

You really are the coolest person I know, Elleen. Thanks for the bday wishes!


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