Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Feed My Obsession!

Designer Dog Bag
I'm in heaven. I have found The PURSE BLOG. The latest designer handbags are discussed, dissected, analyzed and generally drooled over on this blog. There are the following sections: General Discussion; Handbags and Purses (what we yearn for); Buyer’s Showcase (where you can show off your collection); Deals & Steals (retail promos and deals); Want to Sell; Want to Buy; Seller Watch (upcoming trends). There are tons o’ links to other bag sites too. Like I said, I’m in heaven.
After reading a few entries of my blog, you can tell that I'm overly pre-occupied with handbags, purses, totes, etc. I own tons of bags. Some of my purses, I've made myself, most I have purchased, many I have inherited. I come from a family of purse-obsessed ladies. You can never have too many bags. You don't have to worry about how fat or thin you are to obtain a new bag. The bag always fits perfectly. My bag obsession is like other women's shoe obsession. I'm happy wearing the same black shoes (or sandals for summer) everyday of the week, as long as they're comfortable and unobtrusive. My feet and my legs aren't that great, so the less attention brought to my feet, the better. However, a purse has nothing to do with your body type.
A handbag is a status symbol, a trophy, a useful carrying tool and can say a lot about one's personality. I almost always wear black with a few colorful accessories. This is the best background for a glamour handbag. I wouldn't want to detract from the glory of the bag by wearing fussy clothes. It's all about the bag and accessories, as far as I'm concerned.
I’m not the only knitter or crocheter with this obsession. Recently, bloggers from across the U.S., Europe and even Australia have commented or e-mailed me about my fixation. I’m always amazed that the internets have brought all of us with like interests together.
Knitters and Crocheters like making handbags because they are small projects that utilize a minimum of yarn and can be finished quickly…instant gratification! Yarn shop owners are always looking for quick and easy projects in order to sell their customers more yarn. Aren’t you tired of making scarves, ponchos and shawls? Time to create a new handbag with your leftover yarn! Join me in my obsession!
Do you knit or crochet handbags, purses, totes? You’ve read about my obsession. E-mail me your photos of your creations and I’ll post them here for all to admire! We may even get some great ideas from each other. There are no rules or limits to the type of bags you’ve created….just send ‘em in to ellblo@aol.com.



At 12:57 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too am obsessed with purses, Ellen. I really liked what you said about purses always being the right size. I hear you.


At 2:14 PM PDT, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

I think I need to join your bags-on-the-brain-athon.

Love the little wicker birdhouse one!

At 9:32 AM PDT, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

I'm all over it! I love shoes but have to many so bags are my new thing. I am on the second knit bag and have many material designs to sew, how convenient that I will be free soon to GO-GO!!

At 3:19 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

"I almost always wear black with a few colorful accessories."

What is this, understatement-of-the-year on WeHo blogs?! Yeah, and Linoleum has an "unusual sensibility". Please.

I don't know if I qualify; I like purses alright, I'm not passionate about them, but I find I'm procuring more and more than I did before. Yet I use the same old ratty Hello Kitty bag every day...

At 11:56 AM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hmmm. Saw these and thought of you. Go figger.




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