Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Neutra - Poster Apartments, North Hollywood

On Friday, at the beginning of our 3-day weekend, Larry and I were invited to a cocktail party opening for the Design House Showcase at "Poster Neutra." The Poster Neutra is an 8-unit mid-century modern apartment house designed by renowned architect, Richard Neutra in 1958 for Grace and David Poster. Designers adding furniture and decor to each apartment for the tour included: Modernica, Tom & John Reistetter, NoHo Modern, Cletus Dalglish, Sunset Orange, Steven King and Built. The tour was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. All proceeds from the tour benefitted the Neutra-VDL home in Silverlake, which is in need of repairs. The L.A. Times had a big story about the units and it's present owner, L.A. Conservancy member, Mike Resnick.
The apartments are small, 600-700 square feet each, but the patios and/or yard areas and the generous use of windows for each unit make the apartments seem more spacious. The pool area is great and the entire building has been refurbished to it's mid-century modern excellence. The apartments are located at 6847 Radford Ave. in North Hollywood and they will be ready for rental soon.
The designers did a marvelous job of maximizing the space in each unit. Some units had brightly colored 60's furniture. Some had mono-chromed elegant and artistic pieces. One of the designers added space-saving, wall hung multi-use furniture. I especially liked the cocktail table that turned into a hot pink couch. I heard that the public tour this past weekend was very successful and raised lots of money for the Neutra house.
Before the cocktail party we had a delicious dinner at Bua Siam Restaurant. I surfed the food blogs to find a place close to the Neutra Poster Apartments. I found Bua Siam on Monster Munching. The food was great, the restaurant was clean and the service was good. We had fresh lemonade with a sprig of mint, the house salad with peanut dressing, Papaya Salad with Crispy Catfish and a delicious Pad Thai noodle dish. The mini-mall where Bua Siam is located (12924 Sherman Way, North Hollywood) is a regular United Nations! There were places featuring the food of Armenia, Greece, China, Iran and more Thai. I would definitely go back to this restaurant when I'm in the neighborhood.
Mr. Larry at Bua Siam Restaurant



At 3:31 PM PDT, Blogger Bri Ana said...

That'a almost reason enough to move to NoHo, though I'm sure the rents will make my little Carthay Cirlce landing pad look like a steal (which it is).

How wonderful is Larry's shirt? he's so cool!

At 10:50 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have so many interesting things to do in L.A. Sounds like fun!


At 6:28 AM PST, Anonymous wolf tee shirt girl said...

Those lamps are so pretty, i covet them!

At 6:31 AM PST, Anonymous macy @ vmware monitoring said...

yeah, those lamps are cool.


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