Friday, May 26, 2006

WeHo SnB - May 25th

Vintage Poncho Parade
We always have a good time at the WeHo SnB at the Original Farmers Market! Last night was no exception. Sara brought in some vintage Spinnerin and McCall’s needlecraft magazines. Notice the “Poncho Parade” spread above.It was a good crowd. Everyone is working on projects. Abby brought a green baby blanket and a knitted bikini top. Ben is working on something black. Brit bought a fluffy blue Tribble to show off. Carla is working on a hat with some gorgeous, soft wool. Cory is knitting away on her red wonder. Darcy is really concentrating on a new project. Faith is looking at all of the vintage magazines that Sara bought at the latest estate sale. Jen is crocheting an afghan, strip by strip. Kendra is working on a bit of fluffy orange. Kim and Crystal are completing projects left and right. Lori is wearing her Michael Kors self-knit sweater while working on a gorgeous brown knit skirt. Mary Jo is knitting an unusual fringed purse and cracking up at some quip that the hilarious Brit imparted. Natalie is crocheting granny squares (the building blocks to fashion) for a baby afghan. Regina and Kendra are concentrating. Sara is finishing up a crocheted shrug in the most gorgeous coral.

Alas, no photos of me! I’ve just finished a few handbags and am working on a “Chanel” tote at the moment. Have a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Hope to see you at the WeHo SnB next week.



At 1:37 PM PDT, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

Great blogging. You are hired for web content and pictorials for the newest and best website! And why not ? But with video content too!Hmm...
Have a great family (long)weekend.

note to self:never make that face again, ever.

At 2:56 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Darcy! Don't be so hard on yourself. You were REALLY concentrating on your knitting. Hey! I made the photo tiny, didn't I?


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