Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Art Show in Eagle Rock

2012 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock
On Saturday evening we attended an art opening at Carlotta's Passion in Eagle Rock. Carlotta's is more of a furniture store than an art gallery. The art adorns the walls and sits on top of the furniture for sale. You have to move in and around the furniture set-ups to see the artwork. This makes it more of a salon than a typical art setting. That's not a bad thing. Having furniture set up throughout the gallery makes it easy to sit a spell and enjoy the artwork while you're sipping your glass of wine.
The main artists exhibited on Saturday were Patssi Valdez and Gilbert "Magu" Lujan. Both attained fame in the 70's and 80's as part of an emerging Hispanic art movement in Los Angeles. Patssi's work is beautiful and surreal. This show had gouaches of her interior environments. Magu sculpts low-rider cars, wolf-like homies and paints similar subjects....very colorful and bold. My friend, Tony de Carlo's art was also included in the front room of the gallery.
The back room of the shop/gallery was also full of more art. There were many prints, paintings and sculptures among the storehouse of furniture. There was also a beautiful buffet set up with two kinds of tamales, vegies and dip, flan and drinks. It was really an excellent display of food and art!



At 8:11 PM PDT, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

MMMMmmmmmm Tamales...oh and nice colorful art too. ;)

At 11:26 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Ellen! Thanks for posting about this place. I'm always looking for cool furniture/art places in my neck of the woods.

Highland Park

At 4:49 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review of Carlotta's Passion Fine Art! I am intrigued by your perception that Carlotta's Passion is more a furniture store than an art gallery. You are not the first guest to make this comment. Our intention is to combine fine art, antiques, and furniture in a manner that honors a centuries-old tradition, albeit much more common in Europe and on the U.S. East Coast than in Los Angeles. The minimalist presentation of art is new by comparison. Having said this, the public's lack of familiarity with this approach is a bit alarming. However, I doubt that we will charge as we feel that there is a sense of fun and adventure, and an absence of stuffiness to our presentation at Carlotta's Passion that is missing in galleries that assume the minimalist approach. - Bob Squires, Owner/Director, Carlotta's Passion Fine Art


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