Friday, July 14, 2006

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Knitted Birthday Cake
It's time for the celebrations to begin! My b-day is next week (7/20). I really enjoy going out separately with many of my friends to celebrate this event during the days before and after the big day. I do like parties, but at previous b-day parties I couldn't really talk to people in-depth. Celebrating for days with various friends and family gives me the chance to REALLLLLY visit with them.
This blog is ALL ABOUT ME, ME,'s the "Mimi Show," so here's the b-day schedule:
Saturday 7/15 - Lunch at Zach's Italian Cafe in Studio City with my cousins. Then, we're going to check out Susan Dilger's trunk show at Dulcinea.
Sunday 7/16 - Dinner with my friend, Joan at the Metro Cafe in Culver City.
Tuesday 7/18 - Dinner with my friend, Rhoda at a mystery restaurant somewhere in L.A.
Wednesday 7/19 - Lunch at Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica with my office mates.
Wednesday night - Dinner at the Original Farmers Market with my L.A.-centric artsy group.
Thursday 7/20 - I'm taking the day off from work and just galivanting around town. There are places I like to visit during the week instead of on crowded weekends. I'll blog about my solo adventures next week.
Thursday night - Early Dinner with Larry at Mr. Marcel at the Farmers Market. Then, I'll go upstairs to hang out with my fiber friends at the WeHo SnB.
Friday 7/21 - Larry and I are having dinner at Novecento Grille in downtown Culver City, then we're going to see "The Pyrenees" with Francis Conroy at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, which is part of the Center Theatre Group.
Saturday, July 22 - Breakfast with our dear friends, Audrey and Jeff in West Hollywood.
Sunday, July 23 - Brunch with Mom and Hal at the Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica.
Sounds like the birthday celebrations are all about food, friends and family. PERFECT!



At 12:09 PM PDT, Blogger Jason said...

Woohoo! An early Happy Birthday Wish to you! I definitely can't miss S&B next week. :-)

At 1:06 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Okay, that settles it. I will have to FOR SURE be at SnB next week, if only to wish you a happy birdday in person. :) I love how you celebrate!!!

At 12:04 AM PDT, Blogger mj said...

Happy, happy Birthday!!! I love birthdays -- you get presents and, I see, you get taken out for a lot of meals. I do, too. I also like it when the birthday celebration continues for at least a month!

See you Thursday!

At 7:59 AM PDT, Blogger tk said...

Only a week of celebrating? You deserve more :) Happy Birthday Ellen...


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