Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spectacular Vernacular

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The Adams House - Lloyd Wright 1939
photo by Larry Underhill
Spectacular/Vernacular” Tour Explores High-Style Roots of Everyday Modernism. There's still time to get tickets for the L.A. Conservancy's tour this Sunday, October 29th. It really should be spectacular. There are six faboo mid-century homes on the tour. These are not high-end Case-Study type homes, but similarly designed homes for the masses. In this case "vernacular" refers to tract home architecture, further defined here. This is one of my favorite styles of architecture. I love the clean lines, large spaces and incorporating the outdoors with the indoor areas. Southern California is loaded with this type of architecture because we have such wonderful year-round weather, making it easy to blend inside and outside living spaces.

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The Eventmakers Estate - D. Wallace Benton & Donald G. Park, 1961
photo by Larry Underhill

Mr. Larry took all of the photographs for the L.A. Conservancy's brochure and guidebook for this tour. I have seen many of the photos, and the houses really are splendid.
I hope to see you cruisin' Ventura on Sunday!



At 10:32 AM PDT, Blogger LizKnits said...

Don't you love the way some of those architects managed to pull the outdoors into those 1960s homes? Our tour of homes had a house similar to the eventmakers estate open for view and it was amazing.

By the way, the blue cable on my blog, it is for a scarf (for my 70-something year old grandmother-in-law who I adore and actually asked for something handknit!).

I hope one of these days I can swing by the WebHo SnB ... I'll have to plan in the drive time to get out there!


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