Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stars at The Market

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Variety of Bob's Donuts for the Birthday Feast

Last night we celebrated Amy Inouye's birthday at our usual Wednesday Farmers Market dinner group. Amy didn't want any big fuss, so we all just got our own dinners and then bought a big box of Bob's Donuts for the b-day dessert. Amy's nickname is Miss Donuts. She's a connoisseur of all baked and fried goods.

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Rob, T.K., Amy and Stuart

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Nancy, Ted

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Amy, blowing out the candle....long distance

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Ted and Brit

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Ellen and Joan
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Mr. Larry

We were almost done eating when we noticed a CELEBRITY getting an ice cream cone at Bennett's. Bobby Lee from "Mad TV" was there with Arden Myrin (I think), who is another cast member from the show. Bobby just happens to be one of Amy's FAVORITE actors! The brave Nancy, of our group, zoomed over to Bennett's and asked Bobby to drop by our table to give Amy b-day wishes. He was most gracious and adorable, posing for photos!

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Bobby Lee and Amy

This proves my theory, that if you hang out at the Original Farmers Market long enough, you'll eventually see all of your movie and TV-land heroes.
Some of my faves, over the years that I've seen at the Market: Huell Howser, Mort Sahl, Stephanie Edwards, John McEuen, Bruno Kirby, Jack Sheldon, Kamar de los Reyes ("Antonio" from "One Life to Live"), Billy Vera and countless others. Who have you seen at the Farmers Market?
Amy calls the Farmers Market the "Vortex of Los Angeles." The place just sucks everyone in. Happy Birthday, Amy!!!!



At 12:22 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We never see stars in Bakersfield, since Buck Owens passed. Your stories make me want to move to L.A.


At 12:47 PM PST, Blogger Uccellina said...

Between The Farmers Market and The Grove, I've seen Paris Hilton (yuck), Kevin McNally, Judi Dench, Courtney Love, Diana Ross, Andy Dick, David Spade, and, my favorite sighting, Gene Wilder. I know I've seen other people too, but the names slip my mind at the moment.

At 1:21 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I see lots of people, but I'm so stupid I think they are people I know until someone (usually the Jman) points them out as being famous (Michael Chiklis stands out).

BTW, I *love* Bobby Lee. Good for Nancy!

At 1:42 PM PST, Blogger miss kendra said...

i saw norm macdonald. woo.

outside the market, i've seen sharon osboune, juliette landau, and of course, danny bonaduce.

At 7:21 PM PST, Anonymous Gwen said...

I will never forget seeing Sebastian Bach at the market. So awesome.

I've also seen Breckin Meyer there, and Harold Perrineau (Michael on Lost) trying very hard to get people to notice him.

At 3:20 PM PST, Blogger Darcy said...

I have seen Tyra Banks, Jeff Garlin, Matt LeBlanc, Kevin Dillon Anna Lucia that they killed off on LOST,Elijah Woods and more that escape me right now but my favorite was the couple of live orangutans in a trainer's arms, so cute! I love Farmer's Market!


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