Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paris Poodle Chart

"Paris Poodle Cardigan" designed by Sharon Peake

Last year at Stitches West I met Christine from Denver, Colorado. We ended up sitting next to each other at the Friday night banquet. I saw Christine again this year at Stitches and we said a quick hello. Both years she was wearing this amazing Paris Poodle Cardigan.

After the 2006 Stitches I searched high and low for a poodle chart as adorable as the one on this cardigan. I just couldn't quite find one or even modify one. This year, I told her about my quest. We were rushed, and as she was walking away, she yelled, "Oh, it's in the Best of Rowan book." Silly me, I couldn't find the book in ANY of our local LYS's, so I ordered a used one online. Alas, the Paris Poodle Sweater pattern is NOT in the book. It is a very nice book though and I will use it. I searched online again and found the pattern for sale, along with yarn from Velona Needlecraft. All I want is the pattern! I have plenty of yarn.

Do any of you, my faithful and cherished readers, have this pattern? All I really want is the poodle chart...sooooo cute! If so, let me know!
Christine, Where Are You?



At 8:38 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have the chart, but I do have Stitch Painter. I could create a poodle chart for you...

At 9:52 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

The book is "A Treasury of Rowan Knits". It's on Amazon for $27.97 and the poodle sweater is on the cover.

Am I a hero or what?


At 10:51 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for your offer, Frank. But I'm gonna go with the original!

Mary Jo is the "Internet Nancy Drew"! Thanks for finding this one, MJ...I owe you!

At 1:56 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you imagine when Poodles roamed the earth in the wild?

At 9:33 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drew, that just damn near had me in hysterics here at work. I am going to go ask my boss right now... WHAT WOULD POODLES DO?

At 3:52 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I was going to suggest calling or e-mailing Verona's down in the O.C. but looks like you have got it all nailed down. Then I read Drew's comment and had a good laugh too. If you really want a good laugh today read www.dooce.com. Her blog today is pretty dam funny as are some of the comments. Dont know if it is P.C. to mention another person's blog like that but I did it. Forgive me if it was rude.

At 3:54 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and I do love that sweater even if I cannot imagine wearing it.

At 3:24 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is SHARON PEAKE here. I am delighted that you loved the cardi. I am researching and collecting photos of "my" knits for a talk that I am giving later this year. It is wonderful to see how the designs spread around the world. The "Poodles" were originally created for a twice yearly Rowan pattern magazine in about 1990.
Nice to see that the knitter has added a few extra embroidered details to the poddles.

At 10:28 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Sharon!! I finally found the pattern, but have yet to tackle it. One day...soon!

At 12:46 PM PDT, Anonymous Sanra aka manyhorsesmane : Ravelry said...

SQUEEEEE a friend just sent me this blog- that sweater is SO CUTE!!! I want-Note to Self: AMAZON HERE I COME! :)))


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