Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plush Art Announcement

Candy Corn by Jelene Morris @ Munky King
After the WeHo SnB tonight, I'll be heading over to the Munky King on Melrose and Poinsettia to see "Stuffed: A Plush Food Show." I am extremely fond of fake food sculptures. The only thing better than crocheted food is sewn food made out of felt and other groovy stuff.
Speaking of felt, The Felt Club is this Sunday. There's been lots of publicity about this craft extravaganza show and sale. It will be held in the quad at LACC. Get there early. It's always fantastic. My friend, Cathy of California will be there. And the always entertaining Charles Phoenix will be emceeing portions of the event.

Ellen's Crocheted Taco,

Currently Residing in the World Famous Crochet Musem,

Joshua Tree, CA

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At 11:51 AM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Another reason why we are so separated at birth. I LOVE crocheted and knitted food. (Plushies freak me out, though, ever since that darn CSI episode. Brrrr.)

Have fun at the Felt Club!

At 2:03 PM PST, Blogger LINDA said...

Hmmm, I did not know about Felt Club. Thanks for sharing...have a great time!


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