Thursday, January 24, 2008


Las Palmas Ave., behind Egyptian Theater (Demolished)
I drive and walk all over Los Angeles, snapping photos of signs, buildings, plants, people, food, etc. Recently I heard about a lost sign. Behind the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on Las Palmas Avenue, there is a parking lot. On the edge of the parking lot was one of the oldest lit signs I'd ever seen in Los Angeles. I took this photo about 2 years ago. This AUTO PARK sign is pre-neon, lit with real lightbulbs. I'd say this was probably a sign from the early 1900's. Sadly, when I drove by a few weeks ago I noticed it was gone. Sigh.

Many signs have been saved by private collectors. I have been lucky enough to photograph of few of these nostalgic signs. Other signs spotted around L.A.

Parking Lot, King Fu Restaurant, Pico & Wooster, WLA
West Adams Area
Wilshire Boulevard, Miracle Mile
Motor Avenue, Palms (Private Collection)
Robertson Blvd., Beverlywood
Venice, CA (Private Collection)
7th St., Downtown L.A.

Roosevelt High School, Boyle Heights

What are some of your favorite signs around town?



At 6:02 PM PST, Blogger une fille charmante said...

The Coppertone billboard belongs to my beloved's boss, Gary! Have you seen his collection of neon?

Small world!

At 8:17 PM PST, Blogger mary said...

My favorite signs all have the words food, eat or yarn in them, and not necessarily in that order! Okay, the Felix Chevrolet sign that you featured a few weeks back was always one of my favorites. As a kid I'd watch for it while driving home from Chinatown. The huge donut off the 405(?) is another one.

At 10:43 PM PST, Blogger KnittingBlueContent said...

L.A. is always so interesting and inspiring through your eyes! It's always fun to see what you write up next.

I'm more of a Valley Girl (fer sher, fer sher) myself, but there are parts of L.A. proper that I miss when I read your stuff . . . Canter's Deli, Hamburger Hamlet, Griffith Park, , Grauman's, the Great Western Forum, Mark & Brian.

Gah! I'm showing my age, lol.

Visiting your blog is like a day trip to L.A., sans traffic.

Thank you!

At 11:43 PM PST, Blogger WineGrrl said...

Interesting how the Kung Fu lot sign has become part of the natural landscape with all of those looks like it would make a nice painting!

At 3:36 AM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

I loved the Ships sign on La Cienaga. I so wanted that sign in my backyard. Now it is gone. Boo. And who doesn't love a giant donut? Remember the Carpeteria genie?

At 10:49 AM PST, Blogger betty said...

Hi -- this is probably the first time I've commented, but your blog always makes me want to take a So-Cal trip. I live in the S.F. bay area, but I actually love southern california.

At 2:59 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey! All you first-time commentors! Thanks for coming out from the shadows. I love hearing about other's L.A. experiences.

At 5:13 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That auto park sign is a gem - lucky you for actually getting to see it in person!

I'm not sure if my favorite sign is around anymore - I don't go far enough west these days. It's the neon sign on a little bungalow on Fairfax that read "Asthma Vapin-Eze" - any idea if it's still there?


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