Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring Cleaning

One of my knit groups has decided to have a Spring Cleaning Knit-along for the month of May. I think it's a great idea! How many UFOs do you have at your house? I have way too many to disclose. I'm working on a "day-at-a-time" schedule. The other day I finished up another FANtastic Scarf out of Noro Taiyo yarn. I had started a knit scarf with this yarn, but it wasn't sending me, so I reverted to the FAN.
I'm also working on my Artfibers sleeveless shell, Valparaiso Yarn in a beautiful Baby Alpaca - Merino Wool blend, DK weight, shades of olive. I have about 3 more inches to go on the back before shapiing the armholes. I like this yarn and sweater so much, that I just might make it into a cardi-vest instead of a slipover...the better to show off the yarn and stitch pattern.
This Sunday is Mother's Day. I whipped up yet another FANtastic Scarf for Mom in hot pink, TLC cotton which is 35% acrylic and extremely washable.
I liked how Mom's scarf turned out, so I whipped up a shorter version for myself in some leftover TLC in green from Larry's cardi.
I'm the whirling dervish of WIPs!



At 5:07 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love those Fan scarves. The Artfibers yarn is really knitting up beautifully. Keep on Spring Cleaning!


At 5:40 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Dang! You have been busy. Love the finished works. Can't wait to see what else you whip up.

At 3:27 AM PDT, Blogger inkberryblue said...

Gosh, those all look lovely ~ especially the scarf made out of Noro. =]

At 1:54 PM PDT, Blogger Stephknits3 said...

You have inspired me to try one of the Fan scarves! Way to "whip out" the finished objects! :)

At 2:28 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

(Aside: Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I suck at this blog thing lately.)

You ARE the whirling dervish of WIPS! And I can't believe you finished your Taiyo. You had to frog that silly yarn what? 5 times before it fit a pattern the way you liked? It looks great in your fan pattern. Yay! for spring cleaning.

At 8:14 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such a cool scarf! Where did you find the pattern?


At 11:05 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Steph,
The FAN-tastic scarf pattern is really a bookmark. You can find the pattern here:


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