Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Artist, Synthia St. James

Synthia St. James with her painting "Edith Piaf"
On Sunday, Larry and I attended a soiree' for artist, Synthia St. James in Los Feliz. I found out about Synthia's artwork in 1997 when she designed a Kwanza stamp for the U.S. Postal Department. I was very taken with the graphic and striking simplicity of her design. I read about a local art show of her work, so we went to the show. She was swamped with admirers, so I never got a chance to actually speak to her at that time.
Ten years later, Synthia called Larry to photograph her work! The photo lab that they both frequent recommended Larry. When Larry told me about his new client, I instantly recognized her name. I was thrilled to be able to meet Synthia!
Ellen @ Synthia's Studio
She is a lovely lady, in addition to being an innovative artist. Many of the pieces that Larry has photographed for Synthia will be made into prints and glicees for sale. Check her website for details.
Seeing so much of Synthia's work in one place was very inspirational!

Hand-Painted Tambourines and Small Drums

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At 5:44 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen! You're so connected around L.A. Synthia's work is great!


At 7:00 PM PDT, Blogger woolanthropy said...

Wow. Her art work is striking.

At 12:05 PM PDT, Anonymous MX said...

She is amazing!! Thanks so much for educating me!

At 5:31 AM PDT, Blogger Jennette said...

Very cool. I thought I recognized her work. I dug out my old copy of "Waiting to Exhale" and, sure enough, she did the cover art for the paperback edition I own.


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