Monday, June 08, 2009

Fancy Schmancy

Rooftop Pool @ The Penninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills
Yesterday was Mom's birthday. My Step-Dad, Hal treated us all (including Auntie Mae) to dinner on the roof of the Penninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was lovely and very laa-dee-dah! I'd never been to the Penninsula. It didn't exist when I was growing up in that area. It's on a triangular shaped block at the eastern edge of Beverly Hills. It's very European feeling inside the hotel. The rooftop garden and pool area are beautiful.
Mom and aqua b-day scarf

Auntie Mae, looking gorgeous as always!

B-Day Dessert

We had a very nice time. I appreciated being invited to such a lovely place for Mom's b-day, but I really can't see spending all that money for atmosphere and just "nice" food. For the price of 5 people at the Penninsula, we could have entertained about 25 people at one of the restaurants on my other blog. You know my motto, "you can't eat atmosphere." It was a grand way to celebrate Mom's b-day though and she loved it....that's what matters.

Most of Saturday was spent cleaning out my old closet and moving into the new one. I'm still not finished! I've got some major editing to do, as well as packing up and taking old clothes, shoes, etc. to the thrift shop for donation.

In-between working on the closet, I had to stop and re-generate with some knitting and crocheting. I've been working on my Granny Babette blanket. It's so colorful! I really love it.

Babette-Granny 3

Granny Babette Afghan

Babette-Granny 1

I'm happy to say that I have two friends on Ravelry that are crocheting their own granny Trader Joe's tote glad I could inspire them! Here's Sara's, from Decatur Alabama. She had leftover Noro for her tote. Sara is working on her second totebag right now.

Sara's T. Joe's Tote

Gale from Shoreline, Connecticut is also working on covering up her T.Joe's tote with granny squares. Can't wait to see her progress.

I saw a new T. Joe's totebag the other day at a local LYS. It's a totally new shape...wide, shorter than the others, flat bottom, really cute graphics. It's so good looking, that I might not cover it in granny squares! Imagine that!?!

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At 5:31 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Mother and your Aunt are positively beautiful!!! You are so lucky to have such great genes!


At 5:45 PM PDT, Blogger Christy T said...

I cannot wait to see that babette finished!!!

At 6:35 PM PDT, Blogger Beth said...

The babette is looking awesome!!!!

At 4:31 AM PDT, Blogger smdenbo said...

Thanks for posting my tote picture! I hope others enjoy making it with your directions.
Sara in AL
rav = smdenbo

At 10:01 AM PDT, Anonymous MX said...

That's a lot of atmosphere, wowza!

Your Mom and aunt look beautiful!!

At 4:44 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

I want to drink whatever elixir of youth your Mom and Aunt are drinking (God I hope it's afternoon martinis).

Sending great big birthday wishes to your Mom!

It looks like a fab and intimate celebration.

At 12:35 AM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

Belated birthday wishes to your Mum Ellen! She and your Auntie both look FABULOUS!!



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