Monday, August 03, 2009

Macaroon Experiment

On Saturday, Audrey and Jeff had an open house party. I asked Audrey if I could contribute to the buffet. She requested that I bring some of my homemade macaroons. The recipe is ridiculously easy. I usually make these cookies for Passover. In the past, Audrey and Jeff have brought fancy, multi-colored macaroons to our house. You can get them at Hotcakes Bakery in WLA or at Boule' Bakery in West Hollywood (before they closed). They are like little macaroon sandwiches....very beautiful and delicious!
I wasn't about to re-create these cookies, but I thought I might add food coloring to a portion of my batter and see if I could make some pink macaroons. With the remainder of the batter, I added mini-chocolate chips. The pink cookies tasted great and looked OK. Glad I didn't use any green food coloring!
Audrey set a beautiful table with an Asian theme. Everything was delicious!

Vanilla & Nutella Cupcakes, baked by Audrey

Thanks, Audrey and Jeff for a wonderful time!

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At 3:40 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

I like the pink macaroons...very festive. vanilla and nutella cupcakes sound delish! It looks like a very nice party.

At 4:54 PM PDT, Blogger Kath said...

The only thing that could possibly improve a homemade macaroon - chocolate chips! Sounds deelish!

At 8:48 PM PDT, Blogger Jean said...

Totally yummy! By the way my email is giving me problems right now, I stayed at the Wayfarer's Inn in Carmel (they will be redoing the rooms in November). We really liked the place. I hope to see you on Saturday, but I am having an outpatient thing on friday and I will be there if I'm not hurting too much. If you want more info on the Inn just let me know.


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