Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Trip

We left L.A. Tuesday morning around 10. We made a few stops along the way, but eventually ended up in Ludlow, CA for lunch at the historic Ludlow Cafe. A simple lunch and a few snapshots and we were on our way. I've been knitting my Red Scarf on the road and have at least half completed before I go back to the cable knit red scarf. I hope to send at least two scarves (maybe three) to the Red Scarf Project.
Anyway, back on the road. We made it to Flagstaff by around 7pm. We'd read an article in the L.A. Times that morning about the Kachina Express. This was a 4-day, round-trip train trip from L.A. to New Mexico, accompanied by some terrific roots musicians, Dave Alvin, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock and Joe Ely. Our friends, Claire and Tom were aboard. The L.A. Times article said that the last concert of the trip would be in Flagstaff on Tuesday night. Remarkable, we found the tour guide and the group and we actually made it in time to hear the last two songs!

Tom, Claire and Ellen in Flagstaff

Of course, Claire, Tom and Dave A. were surprised to see us. We like to show up at odd gigs around the country!
Dave Alvin, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock

After the gang got back on the train bound for L.A., Larry and I wandered around Historic Flagstaff for awhile. It's very quaint and beautiful here. We had a nice dinner last night at the Mountain Oasis Restaurant and a sleepless night. Our motel is across the street from the tracks. Who knew that every train blows their whistle when they come through town....every hour on the hour. Oh well. It's all an adventure.

Historic Downtown Flagstaff

Today's....destination: The edge of New Mexico!

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At 2:56 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Oh I love that you made the gig! That is so cool. You adventure looks like it is off to a great start.

At 9:06 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

I am also glad you ran into the Kachina Express!
Living vicariously
Lisa in Toronto

At 9:11 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

What a treat to meet up with friends in unexpected places! I love the Southwest, especially New Mexico. Also living vicariously...


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