Thursday, September 24, 2009


Fall is in full swing here in sunny Los Angeles. Here are a few possibilities to check out: There are some interesting events listed in the L.A. Times today, especially the Redondo Beach Lobster Fest! The L.A. Weekly always has some different weekend items listed. I like to explore the City when I have a chance! Sometimes, it's nice to soak up some culture. You could also just check in with the locals and see what they've got in mind.
I'll be running around this weekend, preparing for our trip to Arizona and New Mexico. There are clothes to wash, indidentals to buy, snacks to pack and maps to mark. I just LOVE roadtrips!
People have been asking about our recent room addition. The room is DONE! Now, we're thinking about adding pictures on the walls, window treatments and decorating a bit. There's a lot to do on the OUTSIDE of the new room. We recently had the driveway cement poured. We still have to think about painting the exterior of the house, along with landscaping. The work is never finished.
We did purchase a little red couch for the foot of our bed last weekend. It's the perfect spot to put your shoes on, read a book or lounge a bit while watching TV.
See you around town this weekend while running errands!

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At 1:25 PM PDT, Anonymous Annika said...

Love the little couch! Sadly, if I had such a thing it would just become another place to toss clothing.

At 4:58 PM PDT, Anonymous donna said...

Have fun on your trip. Hope someone is taking in your mail. Your "surprise" is on the way! Have you been to Santa Fe before? Neat place. I have been as far west as Colorado. One day hope to make it to California!

At 5:04 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Love the couch and the fab pillow!

Unfortunately I am with Annika. We have a lovely teak bench at the end of our bed that is piled with pillows and blankets that lack a storage space and of course topped with a sprinkling of clothing. Poor bench never sees the light of day.

Hopefully you will enjoy yours more.

At 5:16 AM PDT, Blogger Beth McDermott Oliver said...

The little sofa looks perfect! I have confidence that you will not use it as a clothing rack since you so enjoy waltzing into that brand new walk-in closet of yours to ponder your fashion choice of the day.


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