Thursday, November 19, 2009


There's toooooo much to do this weekend. I'm still in cleaning and clearing mode at home, so I don't know how many activities we'll actually attend! Maybe you can squeeze in a few hours for the following:
The Great Los Angeles Walk is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. My friend and fellow blogger, Mike Schneider from Franklin Avenue has been organizing this event for the past few years. I really like his route this year....I hope to catch up with the walkers at some point, near my neighborhood to cheer them on!
Bob Baker's Marionettes Holiday Spectacular shows are on the schedule right now. Even if you think you're too old to see a puppet show, go anyway. The shows are charming!
The annual Beverly Hills Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony will be held Saturday at 7pm. BH is my hometown. I've never been to a tree lighting ceremony before. Our big excitement when I was a kid was when we saw the Santa in his sleigh with reindeer being strung up across Wilshire Blvd. at Beverly Drive!
Downtown on Ice starts this weekend. If you're interested in seeing bright sunshine melt the ice rink in the middle of Pershing Square, come on down! There are many shopping and restaurant opportunities in the area.
There's a Neon Cruise offered this Saturday at the Museum of Neon Art, downtown. The cruise is in one of those British double-decker buses. It's a great way to see the lit sights of our beautiful City!

"Smudge Pot" panorama by Josh Agle

Our buddy, artist SHAG is having an opening at the Corey Helford Gallery. The title of the show is "Autumn's Come Undone."

There's a Oaxacan Bazaar at the Autry National Center for the American West, near Griffith Park. It's always fun going to the Autry. You can sneak a peak at the L.A. Zoo, across the way too.
Of course, you could forego doing any of the above and ready your house for the great Thanksgiving feast next week!

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At 5:00 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

YOU have never been to a tree lighting?! SERIOUSLY?! You've been everywhere!!! Even I, with all my unwillingness to participate, have been to at least one tree lighting (granted, it was being held at the park outside our office building, but still!) You would love it - usually it involves music, food, festive folks - all stuff tailor made for you. :)

I want to go to the Marionette Theatre just to get one of those patches. That would scare the beejeezus out of one my girlfriend, who is extremely coulrophobic.

At 9:31 PM PST, Anonymous Twilight said...

Shag is such a groovy artist!

When I was in LA years ago I didn't know of very many places to go. If I make a return trip I'm going to consult you first. :)


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