Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best of 2009

Babette Afghan. Model, Larry

Happy almost New Year everyone! I want to thank ALL of you for reading my little blog this year and leaving comments. We love comments!
Even though I write about Los Angeles, cooking, family and friends here, my primary focus is knitting and crochet. So, I thought I'd list my favorite top ten projects of 2009. This was the year that I focused on making shawls. I could definitely list more than ten shawls as ALL of my favorites, but since I used the same pattern for lots of the shawls, I thought I'd talk about a bunch of different projects!
You can find all project details on my Ravelry projects page.

"It's a Wrap" Shawl w/ edging from Doris Chan's "All Shawl"
Granny Triangle Shawl with "All Shawl" Border (Model, Courtney)
Floaty Scarf (which is essentially a granny triangle) Model, Susannah
Garland of Stars
I completed three scarves for the Red Scarf Project. Here are two.
Trader Joe's Bag covered with Granny SquaresMy Favorite Sweater

Larry's Mardi Gras Hat
Wedding GrannyGhan
Wishing everyone a very happy 2010!

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At 4:39 PM PST, Blogger Barbara said...

It's all gorgeous! You are an inspiration.
Thanks for sharing all you do with us.

At 6:56 PM PST, Blogger knitguyla said...

Babette is spectacular, really amazing! Happy 2010!

At 9:35 PM PST, Blogger mj said...

Truly beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make in 2010!

At 6:22 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen, you are an inspiration to me...even though I live on the east coast i so get your love for the west coast. Just love everything you make so keep it up and definitely keep sharing. Wishing you and your family and friends a happy 2010 and may all your wishes come true.
Linda from MD.

At 8:39 AM PST, Blogger Jean said...

My favorite from this post would have to be the edge from Doris Chan's All Shawl, the colors remind me of the fall color displayed so beautifully on the leaves of trees. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you just a little bit. You live life so fully and are an absolute joy to be around.

At 8:56 AM PST, Anonymous Donna said...

You have had a busy and productive year! All the projects are wonderful but I REALLY like the scarf! Hugs for the New Year!

At 9:13 AM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

wow- even though I followed these all year long, it's quite inspiring on one page. I usually avoid resolutions but I'm going to say : granny squares in 2010.
Happy new year to you & Larry!

At 10:06 AM PST, Anonymous Molly said...

GORGEOUS Babette! such a different look, so vibrant - looks great!!

At 10:37 AM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

You done good this past year. Loads of creativity. I hope 2010 is even more prolific!

At 6:10 PM PST, Anonymous Veronica said...

It's a new year, so I thought I'd de-lurk to tell you I love your blog. Your work is really beautiful,and I adore the edging on the Wedding GrannyGhan.

At 8:46 PM PST, Blogger Dory and the Mama said...

Love, love LOVE the babette, and the rest of your projects too of course!!

At 5:46 PM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

Your creations are so lovely! I finished two projects in all of 2009....I absoltuely love the first and last afghans. So beautiful. Happy New Year to you.

At 5:24 PM PST, Anonymous Twilight said...

Your shawls are so pretty!

At 5:27 PM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

of course, everything is gorgeous, but every time I see it, that Wedding GrannyGhan just (literally) takes my breath away.


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