Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

It was a busy Christmas weekend for the Bloom / Underhill household. On Christmas Eve we were invited next door to Nic's and Rosina's house for a holiday celebration and engagement party. Their daughter, Nicola is engaged to her long-time b.f., Gregg. It was a lovely celebration.
On Christmas morning, Larry and I exchanged a few little gifts....mostly clothes, CDs, books and other small items. We had a nice breakfast and lazed around the house "playing" with our new gifties.
Mom and Hal came for dinner at around 5:30. I just cooked a simple roast chicken dinner. It was good. I tried to make our dining room look a bit festive, using some poinsettia fabric in my stash as a table cloth!
Saturday, I did errands and attended the Fairview Knitters SnB. We ALWAYS have a good time! Saturday night, Larry and I zoomed over to Canter's Deli on Fairfax Avenue for a nice, hot bowl of matzoh ball soup with noodles and split a pastrami sandwich. It's been fairly cold here in Los Angeles, so a bowl of soup was perfect. After dinner we cruised the swanky Hancock Park area of L.A. to see some of the holiday lights. Of course, Norwood Young's house, aka House of Davids, was all lit up with a melange of lights. All of Michaelangelo's "David" statues had Santa hats. There were black Santa faces covering up the Julius Caesar medallions on the front of the house and Michael Jackson was front and center in the driveway. Be sure to go to Norwood's website and watch the "Just Norwood" episodes!

A few blocks away, the owner of Fiesta Parade Floats, Raul Rodriguez always constructs a beautiful display on his front lawn. Raul usually wins many prizes at Pasadena's Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day. This year, Raul's front lawn was simple, but lovely.

Float Designer, Raul Rodriguez's Home, Hancock Park

On Sunday, Mom and Hal came over again and we zoomed down to Philippe's, The French Dip Restaurant, downtown L.A., for lunch. I was running out of Philippe's mustard, so I needed to replenish. Mom and Hal hadn't been to Philippe's for a long time, so they just loved the adventure. Since Larry and I had recently been to Angelino Hts., we decided to drive Roz and Hal through the area as a mini-side trip to their adventure.

Touring the Victorian Homes in Angelino Heights, L.A.

Surprisingly, both octogenarian L.A. natives had never been to this historic area of Los Angeles! It was a fun afternoon and a nice way to end our Christmas weekend.

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At 10:49 AM PST, Anonymous Donna said...

Do you ever slow down? You are one busy lady! Loved the tour. I peeked at the House of Davids...too funny!

At 12:33 PM PST, Blogger Ana Petrova said...

Your weekend looks like you had a great time! Nice to see you as always. And yes do you ever slow down? Sometimes I'm exhausted just reading about your busy calendar of events.

At 5:07 PM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

Your Christmas celebration looks very festive. What a fun weekend. Phillippe's yummm. That sounds delicious. We had the most relaxing weekend, but mostly due to having colds.

At 7:41 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Phillippe's mustard? Is it a special kind? I swear you have the energy of a 20 year old! It's great to read your posts and see what you are up to.


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