Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Need This Hat

After seeing last night's opening ceremonies to the 2010 Olympic Games, I LOVE the U.S. ski hat by Ralph Lauren! I think someone had better come up with the pattern on Ravelry, so we can all knit one....soon!!!!
Happy weekend!



At 11:49 AM PST, Blogger Christina said...

This one's close:

I looked on Rav right after I saw the hats on the US team. The pattern name was changed in Dec so it's been there for a while!

At 1:00 PM PST, Blogger Susan said...

I want the pattern for the turtleneck sweater too!!! They are both gorgeous!!

At 7:10 PM PST, Blogger Megalion said...

The one Christina posted is pretty much what people are using as the "reversed engineered pattern/chart"

I think it's pretty spot on. I think the athlete's actual hats are slightly different... for example I was able to spy one guy wearing a hat that had RED "Polo" lettering, not that embroidered blue you can see on the right.

Also this hat looks white white but their hats looked "natural" white. Could easily be the lighting.

In the end though... the official hats also have fleece lining too :)

I want to take a stab at it but I think I'd change the antlers to be more moose like. It's another thing I'm curious about the ceremony worn hats. I could swear the antlers were rounder & bigger like a moose and not so reindeer like.

OH and apparently the pattern was originally called moose because it IS based on the RL hat and he calls it a moose too. But someone came along and made a stink about "no it's a reindeer". *shrug*

Hugs Ellen!

At 7:14 PM PST, Blogger Megalion said...

Since you can probably already guess, I was obsessing over this hat last night.

Might as well throw in that RL is selling this hat for $75... except that they sold out in 20 minutes (from what, I'm not sure).

Presumably they're going to get new stock made up asap but right now, people are clamoring all over the net for how to buy this hat!

If I had the time, I'd knit one and put it on Ebay :)

Be a nice addition to my "want to buy a house" fund!

At 9:53 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa, Meg! You really have checked into this hat thing in a serious way!! Thanks for all the inside scoop!

At 6:03 PM PST, Blogger Susan Wike said...

I liked the crocheted hats that the Swedish team wore. I think we could figure that one out.

At 7:10 AM PST, Blogger Jane aka WentologyCharlotte said...

Hi Ellen - just started reading your blog - really enjoying it.Hope to visit LA next year - will I need the "hat"??
Help please if u do not mind?

I am a fan of Mr Miller any idea what bag he is carrying??
I have a "team" on the case LOl.

I am also knew to blogging and learning all the time - do you "tweet" twoo?
Best wishes and thanks

At 7:18 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when you do come up with the can make me one! Love it! And with another round of snow this weekend...I need it!

At 4:39 PM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

I bought the yarn (Ella Rae) to make the hat for Joe. I am not the best strander but I am going to give it a go.


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