Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Photo Friday

Mrs. Shirley Padilla, 32, sits on the floor of her living room with her toe stuck in her bowling ball, Oxnard, California, Herald-Examiner Collection, 1966

I came across this photo on the Los Angeles Library website. Why in the world would this woman have her toe stuck in a bowling ball? Was she trying to bowl with her feet while walking on her hands? GOOFY!

I kept looking for bowling photos, as this is an excellent sport for fall and winter in Los Angeles. I found these vintage shots of outdoor bowling in Hollywood in 1929!!

Rooftop Bowling, Hollywood, 1929. L.A. Public Library Photo Collection
Now, that's a great idea!! We have decent weather most of the time here in Los Angeles. Think of all the rooftops we could utilize as bowling alleys! Imagine the noise for the occupants just below the roof! See the sign in the center photo that says Muller Bros.? I did an online search and found this reference in the Hollywood Heritage site:

The Muller Family Foundation recently gave a significant contribution toward renovations at Wattles Mansion. This generous donation will make several projects possible this fall and winter.

The Muller family is one of Hollywood’s pioneers. Jacob Muller came to Hollywood in 1893, establishing the first meat market in Hollywood, across from the present Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard. He sold the market in 1907 and established the first ice company in Hollywood, selling that business in 1913. The family’s original house was built Sunset Boulevard at Ivar. This site later became the location of the RCA Building, built by the Muller Family in 1963. (currently the Los Angeles Film School Building).

Across Sunset Boulevard on 4 acres, where the Cinerama Dome Theater and a new retail center is under construction, was Muller Brothers Service Station. Opened in 1920 by Jacob’s sons, Walter and Frank, this became the largest service station in the world (including a large automobile supply center), employing 120 people by 1937. Celebrities, from Rudolph Valentino to Clark Gable, came by regularly to get gas or just work on their cars. In 1963 the site was sold for the Cinerama Dome Theater, and, at that time, an eventual hotel.

In E.O. Palmer’s History of Hollywood, he writes of the Muller Family in 1937; “Both Walter and Frank have been very civic-minded citizens of Hollywood and have always been ready to give of their time and means to every worthy cause for the upbuilding of the community.” It is exciting for Hollywood Heritage to be receiving that same support from their, equally civic-minded descendent, Sheila Muller, 64 years later.

Interesting! Soooooo, I'm guessing that this rooftop in Hollywood is somewhere near Hollywood and Vine Street.
I just love Los Angeles, Hollywood and it's history! Have a great weekend. Go bowling!

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At 1:33 AM PDT, Blogger Christina said...

My great-grandfather came to LA in the 1890s from Lucerne, Switzerland and his name was Jacob Muller -- not the same one, though. :)

I really like your posts about LA history and architecture even though I found your blog via the fiber arts. Always so interesting!

At 12:22 AM PDT, Blogger Dissertation Writing service said...

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At 2:01 PM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

I'm a descendant of the Mullers, as Jacob Muller was related to my Grandfather Wendell O. Schell. I appreciate your posting very much, thank you. I have some family history material, but I'm still searching for some facts, as most of our elder relatives have died. Thank you. Heather (Hamilton) Petersen.

At 12:50 PM PST, Blogger Gary Helsinger said...

I LOVE the info you provided, thanks! It's actually NOT on a rooftop, it's street level! I've seen a couple photos and knew it was Sunset/Ivar, but know I understand it was behind Muller Brothers Service Station! That makes sense. (plus you can see the sign behind in the shot from behind the pins) They probably set it up as an amusement for their customers while they waited (or maybe employees on break?). Here's a couple other pics:

Thanks again!

At 1:57 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the info, Gary and for the accompanying photos!!

At 12:30 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Since I posted my comment above, I’ve come to discover that this was NOT behind Muller Bros, but instead it was located across the street on the northwest corner of Sunset/Ivar, (unrelated to Muller Bros). The photo with the Muller Bros sign is looking south ACROSS Sunset Blvd. They used special pins and rubberized bowling balls to reduce the noise for “silent bowling!”

At 2:25 AM PDT, Blogger Gary Helsinger said...

That comment update above was from me! (I didn’t realize it was posting as “anonymous!”)


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