Monday, December 20, 2010

Pre-Holiday Weekend

We had an extremely busy weekend! On Friday my company hosted a beautiful holiday party for all of the employees at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was deeeeeluxe and everyone had a faboo time.
On Saturday, after running around the entire City in the pouring rain doing my Santa chores, we went to Carol's and Thane's house for a tree-trimming party. Naturally, the food and libation were fantastic. Carol and Thane have this clever knife holder that positively needed a Santa hat, so during the evening, I whipped one up!

Santa Knife Boy
Sunday was spent with family and preparing more gifties!!! I'm still running around like a mad person trying to complete everything! How about you?

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At 6:07 PM PST, Blogger susanc said...

The party looks great! Love the Santa hat! I'm so not ready for Christmas; still finishing a bathroom redo (never start a project like that right before the holidays)!

We're having family here, so they won't mind if stuff doesn't get done all the way. Like my cousin says, whatever gets done, gets done. What doesn't, doesn't! I'm trying not to stress over it, but am not doing a very good job of it! Enjoy your week and Happy Holidays!

At 7:23 PM PST, Blogger carlita dee said...

The knife holder dressed in his little hat really tickles me!

At 1:25 PM PST, Blogger Maven said...

Love that knife holder!

I love how you had yarn on hand to craft an impromptu hat! :)

At 10:32 AM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

Knife holder Santa hat is a hoot.

At 11:32 AM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I think LaurieAnn has that same knife holder (but in red)!! The hat is definitely a happy addition.


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