Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tom's Birthday

Chez Claire-Tom

On Saturday, Larry, Jacquie, Bob and I went to Tom's birthday party. Tom and Claire live in a darling bungalow, just east of Los Feliz. They always have great, song-filled parties peppered with artists, writers, musicians and many interesting people.

Their parties are like the salons of yesteryear. Dinner is always potluck with many vegetarian delicacies. We had some wonderful menu items this year, as always. You have to keep stopping by the buffet as people arrive, just to see and taste what's new!

Larry and Tom

The birthday boy, Tom was in a particularly festive mood this year. He seemed relaxed and I could tell he was having a great time. Tom's and Claire's backyard is perfect for a large gathering.

Impromptu Entertainment!

When it gets chilly, you can always sit in the large living room, where the desserts are located! I'm not sure how old their house is, probably built in the early1920's. The fireplace has the most gorgeous Batchelder tile surrounding it.

Batchelder Tile
I've known Tom and Claire for close to 25 years. Tom hosted the public radio show, "The Nixon Tapes" for many years on KPFK-FM. I learned quite a bit about being a d.j. from Tom, which prepared me for my own radio show on KPCC-FM. We're all music and art fans. This common love makes for excellent conversation! Our house guests, Jacquie and Bob felt very welcome at this fun party! Happy Birthday, Tom!

Some photos courtesy of Larry Underhill Photography

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