Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Photo Friday

Carolyn and I sitting next to each other @ Thanksgiving

Last Saturday one of my favorite cousins, Carolyn, took me out to a fancy-schmancy lunch at Culina, Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Really, I think the Four Seasons is just outside the border of Beverly Hills, but who's looking?
Carolyn and I have always had a special relationship. Even though she's 8 or 9 years older than me, we definitely wave on the same length. When I was just a kid, Carolyn's best friend, Sue lived across the street from us. I would be playing on the front lawn and I'd see Carolyn zooming down the street in her '57 two-tone Buick. She'd honk and wave at me. All the other little kids thought I was cool because a teenager drove by and noticed me! To this day, we always try to sit next to each other at family events.

Carolyn, top left @ my first wedding, 1974, Ambassador Hotel

At least 3 years ago, Carolyn commented on a cardigan I'd knitted for her granddaughter, Avery. It was a simple, top-down sweater. Carolyn wanted to know if I could write her a pattern for the same sweater but in her size. Easy. Carolyn bought some beautiful yarn and I instructed her how to knit the sweater. Everyone in our family knits. I just had to give Carolyn a few brush-up reminders and she was on her way. 3 years later, the partially done cardigan was still sitting in Carolyn's knitting bag. She has other interests. So, I asked her just to bring it to me and I'd finish it for her. I finally completed the cardigan in time for Passover and gave it to Carolyn. It looks great on her. She wanted to repay my knit work by taking me to a special lunch.
Lunch at Culina was really faboo. We splurged and split three items: The seafood salad, a Kobe beef submarine sandwich and the risoto with corn, bacon and arugula. Oh! I almost forgot . we had the sinfully rich chocolate cake for dessert.

Carolyn, wearing her new cardigan

The Four Seasons is usually crawling with actors. You can see Daniel Benzali sitting just behind Carolyn. He had lunch with his cellphone. Thank you, Cousin Carolyn for a divine afternoon!!!

Statues in the Motor Court of the Four Seasons Hotel
"Sharing the Headlines" by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.

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At 12:40 PM PDT, Anonymous Suzette said...

Tres chic! Those statues look like Hilary Clinton and Dubya, but that's unlikely!

At 10:35 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful cardigan.

At 3:29 PM PST, Anonymous laser hair removal los angeles said...

Oh my goodness I love Culina sooo much!! I don't know if you like sushi, but their crudo is incredible! I have to say, my favorite thing there thus far is the Cotton Candy affogatto!!! You MUST try it next time, delicious gelato with cotton candy on top, then they pour the coffee over it and I imagine it is what heaven would taste like, if you could eat it!! The cookie they give is something I wouldn't normally like, but it's incredible, too!


At 4:40 AM PDT, Blogger Md. Abu Zafor Fagun Ahmad said...

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