Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Soon-to-be-parents, Kirsten and Brett

My Stepfather's grandson, Brett, and his wife, Kirsten are having a baby. Yes, this is far removed from me, but I am invited to the baby shower. I happen to really like the expecting couple. They are having a boy and want to name it after my Stepfather's father whose name was Sidney. Of course, they do not want to name the baby Sidney ( I don't know why not. It's a perfectly fine name). Any name that starts with "S" will do. We've come up with many names....Samuel, Stephen, Sean, Sanford, Simon, Stuart (can't use Scott...already a family name) you know, the usual baby names. Larry and I have a few alternative name suggestions since they seem so popular nowadays. How about Sven or Shlomo? Both names were vetoed. Oh well.
The least I can do for the new baby is make him a zinger stroller blanket that is sure to stimulate his visual senses! Most patterns I see for crocheted baby blankets are in soft, pretty baby colors like lemon yellow, soft pinks, blues, minty greens. These are all beautiful, but I wanted to make something with a bit more punch!
Behold the bold Baby Boy Ripple!Little Shlomo's Stroller Blankie

I LOVE crocheting ripples! It's so much fun, especially with the Bernat Mosaic, self-striping yarn that I used for this blanket! Now, I'm all ready to tackle a more challenging ripple project.....

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At 10:09 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo said...

it's wonderful that you have a positive, loving connection with the couple and the coming baby. your ripple bankie should be a treasure for all three! jo

At 6:32 AM PDT, Anonymous Joan Murray said...

I love seeing ripples made much more washable by putting the border around it.
What color scheme of yarn is this? or a combination of one of each? I love the look of scrap afghans, but hate having to add in new yarn every couple of rows. This is so cool looking. I may have to steal this idea, my son needs a bed blanket.

At 7:24 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks Joan. I used two colorways of Bernat Mosaic: Spectrum and Ambrosia.

At 4:58 PM PDT, Anonymous Joan Murray said...

Thanks, it's so hard to tell from the swatches on the website as to what it'll look like. Thanks for the info.


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