Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Empty Office

Empty Lobby Today

I arrived at my Santa Monica office this sunny November morning to find an almost EMPTY suite! Yes, we're leaving early today, but what's the deal with taking the whole day off! Sheesh!
The phones are quiet. The lobby is devoid of people. Computer screens are dark. I brought in bagels for the few of us here.

This is what our lobby looks like on a normal work day
Busy Lobby
yeah, we always have carolers, don't you?
Empty Office
Bagels for the Suffering Workers
Yahoo Center, Santa Monica

One thing about the Thanksgiving weekend, the traffic yesterday was horrible and I expect it to be awful today too! I travel 8 miles from home to work. It usually takes me anywhere from 15-35 minutes to get home. Last night it took me one hour and 45 minutes to travel the 8 miles! Ack! It was grueling. I plan to stay close to home for the rest of the weekend. We're having T-Giving dinner tomorrow night with my family in Marina del Rey. Have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday weekend!

Thanksgiving, Beverly Hills, 1956

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At 12:10 PM PST, Anonymous Suzette said...

Ha. I was going to mention those carolers. Yeah, a friend I got together with last night said the traffic was TERRIBLE. She drove in from West Hills (aka Canoga Park). Have a fun and delicious Thanksgiving Ellen!

At 4:39 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Ellen & Larry!

Christine G.

At 6:37 PM PST, Blogger susanc said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ellen and Mr. Larry! I hope you have a fabulous day! :)


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