Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini Traffic

Super-Mini in West L.A.

It was lovely driving around Los Angeles over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. There wasn't any TRAFFIC!!! After barely surviving my tortuous hour+ drives home from work (east Santa Monica to Mid-City L.A....8 miles) at 6pm every night last week, it was such a pleasure to be able to drive from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica in 20 minutes over the weekend!!
I spotted this adorable little Mini-Mini Cooper on eastbound Olympic Boulevard near Westwood Blvd. on Wednesday afternoon. The side of the car had a Classic Coca-Cola logo on it. This car was super-mini with a super tall guy driving it!

His "other car" is a yoga mat! Hahahahaha!

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At 3:41 PM PST, Blogger Pandorra7 said...

This is great! Gotta love him!

At 9:14 PM PST, Blogger OksanaB said...

Greetings from Pasadena.
The car is so small... Honestly, you can see so many unique things in LA :-))

At 10:17 AM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

OMG, the traffic was killer last week. I don't know how people manage to commute from the distances they do. On Tuesday I actually walked outside and turned around and went back in and worked for another hour - it didn't help. Last night I left at 5:30 and the traffic was exceptionally light so who knows.

Love the photo. Where does one get a mini Mini Cooper?


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