Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage Photo Friday

The Original Farmers Market, 3rd & Fairfax, Los Angeles, Mid-1950's

You all know my love for the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles. It's near our house. We're there ALL the time. The place is the vortex of Los Angeles. Eventually, everyone shows up there. The history of this beloved gathering place goes back to 1934!
My West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch (WeHo SnB) group meets there every Thursday night from 7-9 pm, upstairs dining area. We've been meeting since 2004. I LOVE this group and all of the peeps in it! We come from all walks of life, but have the love of yarn as our common denominator.
Last night was our annual Holiday Hat Party. Every year many of us dress up existing hats with ornaments and other holiday decorations. Some of us construct holiday hats from scratch. I've done both. This year I decided to step it up a notch and represent one of the places I love, The Farmers Market, in hat form.

Ellen and Reindeer Natalie
Members of the WeHo SnB

Yes, I won the grand prize!
Have a safe and joyous holiday weekend! Meet me at Third and Fairfax!

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At 10:38 AM PST, Anonymous Jo said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the.Chevy station wagon in the foreground of today's photo is a 1959 model. My parents owned one and it was the car In which I learned to drive. Fun times! Happy Holidays!

At 12:05 PM PST, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

I would love to know how you made that hat!! It is just amazing to me. Happy Holidays and hope to see more of you in 2012!!

At 12:05 PM PST, Anonymous Danny said...

Oh my God. BEST. HAT. EVER! You really need to be on one of their billboards, that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!

P.S. I share your love for the market, as you know, and am there practically every day!

At 7:48 PM PST, Blogger Glennis said...

Ellen, that hat is awesome!! Both as a work of art and as needlework! You totally deserved the grand prize.

At 10:44 PM PST, Blogger Lori said...

That hat is more beautiful than any hat ever!! Your overall fiber prowess is earth-shaking. I'm going to have to start a new Pinterest board just to marvel at your creations! Love x3!

At 3:50 PM PST, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

Wow that is an amazing hat - congratulations on winning the award this year.
Thanks for your hard work on your terrific blog in 2011.
Best wishes for 2012!

At 8:21 PM PST, Anonymous fredde said...

great photo!!!! and hat!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!


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