Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here Comes the Sun, err Son?

This past Friday we went to the Hollywood United Methodist Church to view the "Beatles Nativity." I like visiting houses of worship. Usually, they are beautiful buildings. Most congregations spend more money on their churches and temples than they do on anything else in the community. The flock could be starving and homeless, but they've got a gorgeous church!

Hollywood United Methodist Church's building on Highland and Franklin in the heart of Hollywood is truly a beautiful development. The church was built in 1929, designed by Thomas P. Barber, and based in part on the English Gothic style of Westminster Hall in London. The structure is steel-framed concrete, with the sanctuary roof having an open hammer beam construction. It was decorated for Christmas. Yes, it's definitely an inspiring building with gorgeous carved wood and stonework.

The "Beatles Nativity" is a very creative telling of the Christmas story using songs by the Beatles. The performances by the cast members and band were excellent. Larry and I were trying to figure out ahead of time which tunes they would sing. There were a number of songs from the "Abbey Road" album as well as others. It was definitely a kick hearing music from our youth describing this ancient story.

The Cast and Choir of "Beatles Nativity"

You still have a chance to see this production during the holiday season. Check it out!

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