Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday - Hawaii

This March, Larry and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I know! I can't believe it either! We're thinking about going to Honolulu to celebrate. I'm researching now. Let me know if you have any tips!
We've both been to Hawaii several times...once, together. We're into sight-seeing more than we are into laying around on the beach. Honolulu is a major city. I know there's plenty to see!
My grandparents traveled quite a bit in their retirement years. They often went on trips with the Westwood Shriners. I discovered these Hawaii photos from 1956.

Sam and Freda with Friends, Hilo, 1956.
Freda doesn't look too thrilled here

Have a wonderful weekend! ALOHA!

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At 4:32 PM PST, Anonymous Joan Tapper said...

Don't miss the Doris Duke Museum.

At 6:36 AM PST, Blogger Victoria. said...

eeek! i am so excited for you! we are looking to move back in April/May sometime. for me, one of the things i like to make sure i visit is St. Augustine's church in Waikiki. the combination of stained glass, and wood is lovely... and its a nice place to grab a breath and get away from the hustle of the crowds...

At 10:10 AM PST, Blogger Merna said...

My son moved to Honolulu about 10 years ago so we visit about once a year. I always forget that the beaches are the main attraction for most people because I'm always checking out the museums and galleries. You'll have to do the work of looking these up, but here are a few of my favorites --

HiSAM, the Hawaii State Art Museum, downtown, adjacent to Chinatown, contemporary and historic craft included. The restaurant there is excellent for lunch, so popular you might need reservations.

The Academy of Art, beautiful old building, usually there is one textile exhibit. I love this place! And here's a tip -- the best place on the islands to buy aloha shirts is at the Goodwill stores, especially the one a couple of blocks from the Academy. We did't believe this until we went; there are thousands of shirts, many/most brand new!

The Museum of Contemporary Art, on Makiki Heights, gorgeous setting. No matter what is on exhibit, you'll love the wall of mirrors and the outdoor sculpture.

Japanese Cultural Center, not far from UH, not many tourists, sometime wonderful fabric on display, but a very interesting Japanese history of Hawaii leading up to statehood.

There are 2 or 3 knitting groups and a weaving guild that have regular meetings. I've never attended any of them, and the yarn shops leave much to be desired, unless you want to crochet a lei (cheesy imo)

The most wonderful food is at some of the small Asian spots, pho, Korean, etc.

The Saturday farmers market at KCC (Kapiolani Commuminty College, I think) is great, prepared foods along with local produce, but the I always seek out farmers markets when we travel.

There are several botanic gardens around the island, including one lovely one right in Chinatown, Foster Botanic Garden. Not far from there is the Chinese Cultural Center, use Yelp for places to eat. My kids are vegetarians, so have a slightly different way of choosing eating places than we do.

At 2:40 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! Merna! Thanks so much for all of your tips! I'll definitely add these suggestions to my list of things to do and places to see!

Ellen B.

At 9:33 AM PST, Anonymous Joan Murray said...

When we lived there (85-88 - the Coast Guard sent us there) we always tried to go to places that the typical tourist didn't go to, although we did go to most of the museums (Bishop Museum is one of the best). Definitely go around the island to the north shore. Very local and untouched by too many tourists. Don't be shy and stop at a huli-huli chicken stand (grilled outdoors, sold by the plate). Lots of shrimp farms also - they had to do something to keep the economy alive when all the sugar factories closed. Punchbowl cemetery. See if there's any good shows at the waikiki shell (outdoor concert venue). Due to the many ethnic groups forming Hawaii's population, one can explore the many different religious centers - there's a large Bhuddist temple up the Pali hwy, for example.
Buy a good map, and explore.

At 10:29 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thank you, Joan! All of your suggestions are great!
I knew that if I put my questions about Hawaii out there in the blogosphere, people would reply!


At 10:05 AM PST, Anonymous Suze said...

I missed this post, too!!! :/
I know you and Larry will have a great time. You could get another ukulele!


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